Saturday, February 13, 2016

Psychic Prediction: KATHNIEL Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo

by: Psychic August

Perhaps the hottest love team currently in the Philippine show business, the “Teen Queen" Kathryn Bernardo and “The Multi-Talented Fresh Prince" Daniel Padilla has still a lot to offer their fans in spite of the appearances of other interesting love tandems, especially a love team  from the rival network endorsing them.

Individually and off course as a love team, there are still a lot of projects brewing for both in the next several years as both are still in their young years and thus will still be able to offer what is considered to be world class entertainment to their legion of fans not merely through their movies and TV projects but through other media as well as both are individually accomplished recording artists. It is interesting to note that in numerology, it is shown that both are headed to a destiny of great wealth and fame in life, after going through a lot of hard knock trials. This is especially true in Daniel Padilla's case, in which his show business pedigree opened doors for him to be able to support his family when they went through hard times.

The reading highlights that in spite of some problems here and there like Daniel Padilla's controversial endorsement of a well-known political figure running for president in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections, this love team will never lose its steam and may well become one of Philippine show business longest running love tandems of all time.