Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Philippine Predictions: War and Peace & Order

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Below are the predictions on Philippines peace and order for 2016.  These are taken from the original post Philippines: Clairvoyant's View into the Future, published last April.  Happy New Year and May Peace and Order be With us All!
As I was looking at Philippines’s future I could see big fires and a group of massive sized eagles flying from two sides. The fire is extinguished and later the eagles disappeared, followed by a shower of beautiful flowers. A new breed is born - very powerful and strong.
A big troublemaker will be caught, and peace will be restored soon. High reward will be paid to Philippines for a single troublemaker who looks like a devil and has the power to unleash hell. The troublemaker caught and punished, fear will be gone for long, spirituality will be high in men and women. All religions become closer after a time of disturbance, there is peace and harmony. With this unification, economy rises, people flourish and become more spiritual.

Please follow this link for the complete predictions.