Saturday, December 26, 2015

Psychic Insight: Steve Harvey After the Miss Universe Gaffe

by: Psychic Jay

Let's take a look quickly at what awaits Steve Harvey following  the much publicized Miss Universe 2015 blunder where he mis-proclaimed Colombia as the winner instead of Philippines.

What I see is that Mr. Harvey will choose to be silent about this for the next few months, while contemplating on this controversial incident and his next steps.  Mr. Harvey is conscious that he has significantly erred, and he himself has suffered from this fiasco.  However, he would be up for solid ways to recover from this "nightmare".  He still holds the upper-hand amidst the embarrassing experience during the pageant, and he is up to prove that he will bounce back to redeem himself.

The key messages about Mr. Harvey in this reading are signified by the cards "The World", "The Wheel of Fortune" and the "3 of Pentacles".  This means that the recent Miss Universe coronation incident can just be considered as a "low point" in his career, that it is important for him not to be discouraged, and that more lucrative business ventures are up for his grab in the coming year.

Reading Date:  December 22, 2015