Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Laglag Bala Scam

by: Psychic August

The Marseilles cards drawn for this reading reveals that the ongoing "Laglag Bala" Scam that has escalated into very alarming frequency of late, but which has been found out to be going on since the year 2012, claiming a lot of victims whether non-Filipinos, or the balikbayan's alike, is composed of a big group of people from various departments, all working within or in connection to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Contributing to the already besmirched image of the NAIA towards the international community, these people continue with this horrendous frame-up act of victimizing travellers for the promise of extorting big money. However, the money part is only secondary, as the cards indicate the ultimate purpose is to strew fear, therefore damaging the reputation of the country in the end.

Some  people who are suspected to be part of the hidden big group have already been identified and apprehended by the authorities, but none of them are among the ring leaders of the scam.

More perpetrators will be uncovered in the near future, including a few, but not all, of its masterminds. The scam will continue, although not in the frequency of how it was occurring recently.

The most recent victims will have the so called "charges of possession of illegal ammunition" against them dropped, especially after the Senate Inquiry about it has been recently conducted, and with the ongoing investigation on it conducted by the NBI.

The American Pastor's family, who was allegedly victimized by this laglag bala scam and who threatened to file charges against the NAIA authorities, will eventually opt for an out-of-court settlement and redress of grievances, this being not publicized anymore.

Reading date: November 13, 2015