Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reniel Villareal @ 2015 Mr. International Pageant

by: Psychic Astrid & Psychic August

Psychic Astrid

Let's see what chances this good-looking guy has for the title of Mr.International 2015:

We start, as usual, with the Kippercards, and they showed the following: The Open Way, The Big Hope, The Soldier, The Decision, The Error.

First of all, this contest will open new ways Reniel has never imagined.  He will get opportunities, which will be the base of a successful career but he needs to be consistent working on himself to develop an attractive appearance.  At the beginning of the contest, it will seem, that the competition is too strong for him, but the jury will decide better for him, than expected.  Therefore, although he has a feeling that he is not good enough, he should stay positive and this positive energy will impress the jury very much, and his special charm will persuade them.

Now the second drawing with the Goddess-Cards.  Here we have the following: Brigit, power of endurance; Conventina, spiritual cleaning and meditation; Mother Maria, unexpected help; Hathor, receptiveness; Lakshmi - the brilliant future.

This drawing proposes him again to continue his way and to fight for it.  When he feels a bit weak, or he is hesitating, then he should meditate to regain his inner freedom and force.  He will get a lot of support from the universe, and encouragement from his family and friends.  He should stay open for this help and new or different possibilities. The last card, Lakshmi, is telling him, that he has all qualifications to place very well in this contest.  It is very clear  between 1 and 3, but I cannot tell which one exactly.

He will have a bright future and he will have a lot of possibilities to benefit from this event. Reniel needs to go forward and stay positive - the way for a successful and promising future is wide open - just go for it and never look back.  I wish the best for him!

Psychic August

Mr. Reniel Villareal, representing the Philippines in the Mr. International 2015 competition, is and will still be a fan favorite up into the eve of the pageant itself.

He will be a finalist -- but another candidate, who is a little shade darker in complexion, and a little more well toned in body build than him, hailing from the east but not an Asian, will be proclaimed as Mr. International 2015.

Therefore, for those asking if there will be a back-to-back for Mr. International -- I'm afraid this scenario is not going to happen as yet.