Sunday, August 9, 2015

Miss Philippines Angelia Ong @ Miss Earth 2015

by: Psychic 2LightPsychic August

Photo: Rappler

Psychic 2Light

Angelia is a bright and upcoming star.  I sense a lot of self confidence within her.  She looks at her beauty as a way to open the eyes of the world around her not just to her beauty but to her intellect and to her sense of self worth.  Angelia has gone through a lot of struggles.  She has had to endure pain and misfortune.  Like the rest of us, she has had her moments of self doubt and has listened to the voice of anxiety and worry.  What I sense is that Angelia chooses to look at hurdles not as obstacles but as opportunities.  There is success around her.  She has an abundance of creative and artistic energy around her, while a sense of self fulfillment surrounds her.

What I sense is that a disagreement is at hand with those close to her.  This will put her at odds with achieving her goal.  I sense within her a tide of change.  This has led her to worry more about her status and about winning the title.  Right now, Angelia is focused more on her failures than on her successes.  There is someone close to her giving her poor advice.  They are envious of her yet what concerns me is that they also wish to control her as well.  What I sense is that Angelia is an independent woman.  She knows where she is in life and where she wants to be yet this person holds a place close to her inner circle.  I sense that they are envious of her achievements and also of her intellect and independence.

There is an imbalance around Angelia.  What I sense is that she needs to focus on all areas not just the one that this individual is guiding her toward.  Her present situation is one of abundance, as seen in the Ace of Cups.  However, there is this transition to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem as seen in the Reversed Ten of Cups and the Reversed Two of Pentacles.  Temptation to listen to the wrong people within her inner circle is at hand, as this is seen in the Devil.  There are people within her inner circle, who are misguiding her and Angelia senses this and has been given signs of this.

What I sense is that Angelia will not win the Miss Earth 2015 crown, however, she will have a good chance for the Miss Earth - Fire.

Miss Philippines 2015 Angelia Ong will put a strong placing in the upcoming Miss earth 2015 beauty pageant this December at Marx Halle, Vienna, Austria. However, it is a candidate from another Asian country who will be crowned Miss Earth 2015.

There will be one male judge who will not be particularly impressed with Angelia, which will cost her points and thus not quite making it as an elemental title holder.  The elemental winners will mostly be from western countries.

As a piece of advice for Angelia, The Strength cards suggests that she strives to do her best prepare to the utmost,  be positive,  see nothing but her winning the title, regardless of the final outcome.