Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kris Aquino, Vilma Santos, Leni Robredo @ Vice President 2016 Philippine Elections

by: Psychic August

Who will be the next Vice President of the Philippines? Will Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Rodrigo Duterte run for higher office and will they make it? Thanks!

When asked on who the next vice president of the country would be, the cards made it clear that this position will be held by man.  This is consistent with my earlier prediction, 2016 Philippine Presidential Election, which was published last year, and until now the cards are saying the same thing.

This man gives a first impression of having a quiet and passive demeanor until he expresses himself, revealing an intensely passionate personality, well-trained in the science and art of politics. He would be of middle build, neither thin nor possessing excessive weight, fair complexioned with rather fine features.  This man is highly principled, very set on his own ways, and has been seen as an active and dynamic personality in carrying out the functions of his current public office.  He has given the impression of being an able statesman with a lot of accomplishments to his credit.

Leni Robredo will eventually run for public office this 2016, but not as vice president. That also goes for Vilma Santos who will run again go for public office but not as vice president.

For those asking about Kris Aquino running for the position, the cards are persistent that Kris Aquino’s focus is on her personal life - family, career, and accumulation of more wealth and material success.  I don’t see her running for the VP position in 2016.

For Rodrigo Duterte and Miriam Defensor-Santiago's political prospects,  please refer to my previous predictions - Mayor Rodrigo Duterte @ 2016 Philippine Presidential Election, and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago @ 2016 Philippine Presidential Election, respectively.

Thank you, Sienagold, for the questions!

Photo: Philstar