Friday, July 3, 2015

Donald Trump @ Miss Universe and USA, NBC and Univision Coverage and Anti-Mexican Remarks

by: Psychic August

With the latest news that Univision and NBC had cut ties with Donald Trump after his anti-Mexican remarks, can you do a prediction on what will happen now with Miss USA and Miss Universe? How long is Donald going to keep these pageants?

For this question, I picked an initial single card from my deck of Marseilles, and the Temperance Major Arcana came out.  This means that Donald Trump will react appropriately to the situation, mobilizing his public relations experts on hand to repair the damage his blunt statements may have done upon his reputation, and to the Miss USA and Miss Universe image.  He will quickly forge new deals with companies that will replace Univision and NBC to air these pageants.

I took 3 more cards  from the deck - and I got the Moon, The Lovers, and the 3 of Swords. This is not the first time that Donald Trump has gotten himself and his group of companies into hot water, due to his often blunt and careless statements.  This time, however, he has gotten too far.  Having said that, Donald Trump is very resilient and decisive -- qualities that have made him one of the wealthiest men on Earth.  Aside from PR experts being at his disposal to repair the damage on his reputation and the popularity of the Miss USA and Miss Universe shows, he will also work upon improving the marketing of these two pageants so that they remain among the most watched shows in the world.  But due to the severity of his anti-mexican statements, his PR team can only do so much, as now apparently more people dislike him, which can lead to continuous attacks on him.  He would be involved in a lot of lawsuits that will continue for a very long time, years even.

How long will Donald Trump keep the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants?

For this question, I picked another card in the Marseilles Tarot Deck, and the Page of Cups came out which is more positively inclined to this billionaire, meaning the two pageants will stay in his ownership even for a long time, with him replacing any partners, supporters, etc. that would back out from him.  In short, he gets to keep them as long as he still wants them.

That's what his billions can do for him.