Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vice President Jejomar Binay’s Resignation

The resignation of VP Jejomar Binay from the Aquino's cabinet has elicited a lot of reactions from various analysts, commentators, opinion mongers, etc.

So, what’s next for ex-VP Jejomar Binay?

Let’s re-check my previous prediction that Jejomar Binay was to secure the 2016 Presidential seat.

As a psychic who merely states what is shown by divinatory tarot cards, what I see is that Binay will take on a more open and aggressive stance on bolstering his bid for the 2016 presidency, even to the point of, alas, directly attacking Pnoy's administration, former fellow cabinet members, members of the incumbent LP, and his detractors plus other rivals for the 16th seat of the Philippine Presidency.  We will see the return of the aggressive Jejomar Binay during the remaining part of 2015.  His unpredictability will also resurface as he will regain the lead on public surveys about who is best to succeed President Aquino.

As for all the corruption allegations against him, months will pass by and come October 2015 when all those who will run for public office from the local government to the national government would be officially filing for their candidacy,  there would still be no formal charges brought up against the already campaigning Binay.  This will continue throughout the campaign period straight to the national elections, with only the already known corruption allegations thrown against him and no formal filing of charges still.

And at this point, the cards still say that, as I had previously predicted  in October 2014, ex-VP Jejomar Binay will still go on to win the presidency in the 2016 national elections, becoming the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines.  

Anyway, whether ex-VP Jejomar Binay wins the 2016 Philippine presidency or not, the truth is that the national leader of a country is merely the mirror of the predominant tendencies of the people he presides over.  This is always the case, no exceptions.  A country always gets the leader it deserves.  So if ex-VP Jejomar Binay becomes the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines, then it will be so merely because the Filipino people will deserve him to be their president, reflecting their predominant tendencies back towards them.