Monday, June 1, 2015

The Release and Repatriation of Mary Jane Veloso

by: Psychic August

After a time of much suspense,  Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso,  the OFW Filipina maid who was 'miraculously' spared at the last minute from the Indonesian firing squad due to alleged smuggling of heroin in 2010, will ultimately be spared by the Indonesian courts sometime in the 3rd quarter to 4th quarter of this year.

She will then be able to come home to the Philippines to stand witness during the trial of her alleged human trafficker Maria Kristina Sergio and partner Julius Lacanilao, which is also happening late this year.

The repatriation of Mary Jane back to the Philippines will be beset with controversy as her family, especially her mother Celia Veloso, will once again, appear to be ungrateful for the efforts exerted by the Philippine government in helping to commute her death sentence.