Friday, June 19, 2015

Earthquake and Natural Calamity Predictions

by: Psychic August

With the spate of earthquakes and other natural disasters, such as Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, Super Typhoon Pam that recently struck Vanuatu, and the intensity 7.3 earthquake in Nepal last April, the fear of the masses for these kinds of disasters have grown so much that any kind of development that may hint at a potential super typhoon or strong earthquake are likely to cause many people to speculate in fear.  Even psychics, meteorologists and seismologists - extreme ends of the spectrum - have been giving succeeding predictions as to when the next big quake or the next super typhoon will occur.  Now, although the purpose of these predictions is more to warn the public to be prepared, a lot of people are responding to these predictions with heightened trepidation.

And so countless people responded with alarm and fear when the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOCS) announced that a potentially disastrous intensity 7.3 or so earthquake may occur in greater Metro Manila anytime within our lifetime due to the movement of the Valley fault system every 200 to 400 years.  This is reinforced as the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) went on to announce the intention of conducting a mass earthquake drill in Metro Manila.  And with the many psychics predicting the onset of an earthquake in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world, many people are now into believing that an earthquake will happen anytime soon in Metro Manila that is comparable to the one that recently struck Nepal.  By the way, and what about the movie "San Andreas"?

Now please be reminded that the warnings issued by PHIVOLCS and the call for a citywide earthquake drill by the MMDA are simply to inform the public on what to do with an event that an earthquake occurs, and not really intended to cause panic, as when people are more aware and ready to react appropriately to an earthquake or other calamity, countless lives would be saved as a result.

The mass consciousness or the predominant emotions generated by a large group of people do have an actual effect on the environment, particularly the weather and climate, plus the movement of the earth itself.  Intense emotions like fear and anger collectively felt by the masses do have an aggravating effect on any potential disaster that is waiting to happen, making it more certain to happen and even magnifying the effect as it happens. Mass fear and anger create negative vibrations that attract calamities such as super typhoons, massive earthquakes, and destructive volcanic eruptions.  This is a large scale demonstration of the now widely known 'the law of attraction' involving the principle of 'like attracts like' that any intensely felt emotion or belief attracts experiences of its own kind.   If this is true on the level of individual beliefs, emotions and the resulting experiences, then it is certainly true on the mass collective level.  So the more a group of people agitates about a 'natural calamity' such as a destructive earthquake or a super powerful typhoon, and proceeds to spread it, especially through social media, thus magnifying the fear, then that fear of a certain 'natural calamity' will happen sooner or later.  This is what the Patriarch Moses meant when he said 'the fear that you fear is upon you' on a mass scale.

Perhaps this is what caused the recent earthquake in Nepal to be that intense (intensity 7.3 on the Richter); that the greater majority of the people in Nepal was feeling intensely fearful and angry, perhaps towards the communist Chinese government doing them in as it had done in and still doing so with their neighbors the Tibetans.  And so these intensely felt emotions of distress and rage of the masses in Nepal aggravated the already actively moving tectonic plates in their land, triggering that massive earthquake last April.

We don't even have to go as far as Nepal to understand how collective negativity can attract disasters to a country.  Super typhoon Yolanda which ravaged the Philippines in 2013 is a very good example.  Prior to the onset of Yolanda, there was the outrage of the Filipino people towards Janet Lim-Napoles and the Aquino administration over DAP scam and PDAF controversy.  Add to this were the negative public sentiments about the so called anomalies in the 2013 midterm elections, anxiety over the eruption of Mayon Volcano at that time, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol,  the 'invasion' of Sabah by the Royal Army of the Sulu Sultanate, and the clash of the MNLF with the Philippine government forces in Zamboanga City.  It is perhaps the sum total of the collective negativity of the Filipino people over these events that caused Yolanda to be very destructive in contrast to another storm that hit the Philippines earlier that year - tropical storm Maring - which was not as destructive.

Now we don't need to worry about the collective negativity of the Filipino masses attracting endless calamities one after the other.  The law of attraction, being a 'law of nature', is not arbitrarily negative; it is just an impartial universal 'principle' that merely brings about more of whatever predominant tendencies are present, whether negative, because of the predominant negativity of the masses; and positive, through the correct and intelligent use of this law.  If there are enough positive tendencies generated by a large group of people within the general population, any existing negativity can be neutralized, bringing about positive effects like the prevention of disasters, the predominance of prosperity, lowering of criminality, more peace and harmony across the populace.   In another sense, this is what happens with prayer - specifically collective prayer - when the masses gather together and pray to avert disasters instead of passively fearing that they will happen.

This was the case with super typhoons that threatened the Philippines after the onset of Yolanda, with these being reduced into weaker tropical storms and even into low pressure areas as they passed the Philippines' area of responsibility.

When the Filipino masses, or at least a sizable number of them, learn how to curb dwelling on any kind of intense negativity and come together to generate more positive tendencies such as collective prayer, then there will be at least the reduction, if not the elimination, of disasters affecting the country, along with the predominance of peace, harmony and prosperity experienced by all.

Peace and light,

Psychic August