Sunday, May 31, 2015

MRT/LRT & Metro Manila Traffic

by: Psychic August

The snail's pace traffic along EDSA and the MRT/LRT predicament where commuters struggle against each other to squeeze themselves into the trains, plus the other myriad mechanical problems besetting MRT/LRT that makes riding them a daily considerable risk to life and limb - may never be resolved to our complete satisfaction.

However, I see that a significant improvement will eventually come to our relief in the 1st three years of the next administration. A more systematic and pragmatic solution to this dilemma will be installed, a lot better than the previous efforts that are at best, cosmetic patches to this worsening problem.

Three public figures will be most noticeable in the ongoing resolution to this traffic/MRT/LRT problem in the next three years, earning the praises of the people.  I see two men: one trim, going towards having a slim built, and fair complexion; and another one possessing a broad built and tending towards being moreno.  One fair complexioned, short and trim woman, will be the most prominent of these three officials.