Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pia Wurtzbach @ Miss Universe 2015

by: Psychic August

The Celtic Cross spread for Pia Wurtzbach in her journey to the 2015 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, using the Marseilles tarot deck.

The 1st Card - The Central Issue

This card no doubt indicates that the recently concluded 2015 Bb. Pilipinas Beauty Pageant was a highly controversial affair behind the scenes, as there were controversial reports such as the gown to be used by Pia Wurtzbach went missing but was found in the last minute in a filthy condition, and exclusion of deserving candidates in the finalists. There is some truth to these mentioned backdoor developments, and perhaps there are even more of them that escaped the press.

The 2nd Card - The Obstacles That Stand In The Way

Pia, with the 2015 Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown on hear head, is feeling overwhelmed by the implications and expectations that go along with possessing the title.  Most local beauty pageant enthusiasts and the rest of the nation are hoping for her winning the 2015 Miss Universe title for the country, with most of these people feeling confident that she will achieve it.

Even though she already possesses a great measure of self confidence, Pia finds herself at times feeling uncertain if she can fulfill these expectations. As we go on to the later parts of this spread, we will see how Pia, with further training from local top of the line experts, mature into a much more well rounded and better person during her journey towards the international pageant, very well qualified for the Miss Universe crown.

This specific "obstacle" card also indicates the appearance of a very confident guy that has suddenly come into the picture with the intentions of winning her romantic affections.  The timing of the appearance of this confident guy - no less than President Noynoy himself - leaves a lot to be desired, however, as it will not be practically helpful at this time when Pia must give all her focus to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for Miss Universe pageant. She cannot and will not be allowed to diffuse her focus on matters not related to the pageant, such as formally entertaining suitors.

This blossoming love affair between Noynoy and Pia is useful in other ways,  however, as this dalliance will give them more attention which they both need, especially the former, being fodder for the rumor mills in the media and gossip circles.

The 3rd Card - The Best That Can Be Achieved Without Any Significant Change

This card represents the further training Pia is now receiving from experts.  This will help her develop more confidence in herself as she becomes a more well rounded person very qualified to win the Miss Universe title. Throughout her journey,  Pia will experience many things which will help her mature even further.

The 4th Card - The Foundation On Which The Situation is Based

2015 Bb. Pilipinas Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, is beginning her journey with the full support of most pageant enthusiasts and the rest of the Filipinos, including her family and friends, becoming a good foundation of warm positive energy that will propel her as she competes for the Miss Universe title.

The 5th Card - The Passing Influence

Before joining the 2015 Bb. Pilipinas pageant Pia Wurtzbach already had a comfortable and stable life,  coming from a family with a high social status.  She has also obtained quality education from one of the prominent universities in the Philippines, and had a successful modelling and showbiz career.  She is surrounded  by lots of good friends. All of these and more make Pia's life more or less ideal.

Winning the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title and moving on towards the 64th edition of Miss Universe Pageant is making her expand her horizons which she eagerly looks forward to with the prospect of furthering her personal growth, making her leave behind an already comfortable and settled life.

The 6th Card - The Approaching Influence

A suit card which signifies uncertainty, the appearance of this card as the approaching influence of the future indicates that Pia's suspense level,  and everyone else's for that matter, will progressively heighten as the onset of the pageant approaches. Same with what the next card of this spread would point out,  Pia will have to battle uncertainty and despair at various times before the 2015 Miss Universe pageant night.  She will be able to deal with this effectively though due to the superb training given to her by the pageant experts as was seen in the previous 3rd card.

The turning up of this card signifying uncertainty as the future event for Pia Wurtzbach concerning her journey to the 2015 Miss Universe pageant indicates that she will not be crowned as miss universe 2015, although she will be a finalist in the beauty pageant;  she will also not be included in the Top 10.

The 7th Card - The Attitude Adopted

As with what was seen with previous card, oftentimes due to growing anxiety and inspite of the training given to her, Pia will often have to turn to her personal faith to prepare herself to accept whatever fate is in store for her. This will be very good as she will be able to discover hidden reserves of strength and steadfastness within herself, detailed more with the 9th card of this spread.

The 8th Card - The Environment and People Involved

She will be given a strong show of support by all her fans and most pageant enthusiasts from the Philippines. This show of support given to her will even surpass that which was given to her predecessor, MJ Lastimosa.

Pia will even exhibit a strong presence during the Miss Universe pageant.  She will even be a fan favorite, although she will not make it to be among the Top 10 finalists.

As was seen with the 2nd card of this spread, it also shows the presence of a suitor pursuing Miss Wurtzbach with the intention of winning her affections.  Again as what was said with the 2nd card,  it is not the right time for Pia to entertain any man 's romantic interests whosoever that man may be.

The 9th Card - Hopes, Fears And Unexpected Element What Will Come To Pass

The card indicates that this is not merely a journey for fame and wordly success for her but is actually spiritually meaningful for her as this will result in her getting to know herself much more in a deeper sense as she learns to tap hidden reserves of courage and acceptance, as was also indicated by the 7th card of this spread,  especially when she learns how to let go and let the divine guide her to wherever her current journey will take her.  Much of her questions and concerns about this time of her life will be answered in this way.

As was also mentioned with the 3rd card of this spread,  ultimately this journey will reward her by making her mature into a whole person.  It will also reward her in more worldly ways as will be shortly seen in the next and final card of this spread.

The 10th Card - The Conclusion

In spite of not winning the 2015 Miss Universe crown for the Philippines, Ms. Pia Wurtzbach will return to a newly revitalized, vastly improved showbiz career in the Philippines.  Resulting from all the attention and adulation she will be receiving from her stint as the country's representative and coming close to winning the title, the media's attention she will be getting with her romantic dalliance with President Noynoy, she will  become more famous when she returns to the Philippines, with a long line of modelling and showbiz projects awaiting her.

Speaking of her current romantic correspondence with the outgoing president of the Philippines, this will continue to become a serious affair after the 2015 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, again becoming grist that will keep the local show business rumor mill churning for a very long time.

Psychic August is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and a professional tarot reader.  Check his profile for his contact details!

Reading Date: April 24, 2015