Saturday, February 21, 2015

Who Killed Ninoy Aquino?

Question: After 30 years, would the Ninoy Aquino assassination case be ever solved?

Let's start with the first drawing - I will ask the cards, if there will be a chance to discover the circumstances and if they will find a clear answer about the development of all these:

The Kipper cards:  This drawing is telling you - yes, someone in his close to him was involved in this case, someone with a high standing and who was interested in a good business deal.  Another person helped him, but the cards are showing this person is still in hiding, and for the moment, they cannot find the real principal, who gave the order to do it.  However, there is one person who is very close to the answer and this person will uncover everything step by step.  It is indeed a big puzzle and he/she is missing only some small details to complete the dossier. I cannot tell you when, but it will be ... there is a clear "Yes" in the answer.

Now let's ask the Goddess cards:  Apparently, when Benigno Aquino did not agree to an important matter, the closest friends around him and others, who where involved, held secret meetings and decided to detach from him - and they decided all together how to do it.

Yes, all these will come out in the future, but I cannot tell you how soon.  In my country they say : die sonne bringt es an den tag - that means "one day the sun will show it".

Question: There were suspects as to who have masterminded this tragedy, and the most talked about are the then president Ferdinand Marcos, and another one, Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr., Aquino's brother in law.  Anything about them?

First, I will continue asking the cards what they show about Eduardo:

Kipper cards:  Apparently Eduardo learned about this and he played a small role in it, but not the principal, because the cards are showing, that he was problematic about this, and he discussed it with Aquino's wife.  So apparently, based on the cards, Aquino's wife knew about it as well!  It seems, that everybody had knowledge of it and they let the things rolled forward without doing anything about it, because they were hoping it would benefit them at the end.  They did not expect the worst,  but they did not help either - so they let the things went on that way, and indeed, at the end, they secured their profit.  So, you can say they are guilty in the sense of not helping but instead aiming for what the situation could benefit them.

Now the other person, Ferdinand:

Kipper cards:  Here the cards are showing very clearly, that for this person, it was always very important to be clear and in order - like in military life - organisation, straight to the point.  There was a personality very close to his heart who had big influences in his life.  When she asked something from him, he would try to fulfill her wish, whatever it was.  It was very difficult for him to keep a "good" balance between professional and private life.  Thus, he always had to make choices on what to do to satisfy everyone.  Consequently, he lost the full view and the outcome was catastrophic.

I cannot say which of them is really more guilty, but they all played a role in this big puzzle, and the chain of circumstances ended in this disaster.

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Reading date:  February 19, February 20, 2015