Sunday, February 1, 2015

On Norman, Norman! The Beauty Pageant Blogger

by: Psychic August

Norman, the dedicated blogger behind  the phenomenal beauty pageant website, is having a full year of opportunity since 2014.  This 2015 his luck streak continues.  I see good fortune in being able to start a business with a woman who will play a big role in putting up said business.  Within the next several months, several conflicts occurring in areas of his life, including disagreements, misunderstandings among family members, or relatives would be resolved.  Problems with a much older man and a woman over work or practical matters would be straightened out.

If there has been some plans for travel to other countries that have been postponed last year or even a few years ago, they will happen this year.  Travel for leisure,  generally speaking is good for him this year.

In general, Norman is starting a new cycle in his life since mid of last year. This period in his life is filled with many opportunities that would stir his direction in the next 12 years. Thus, this is a very significant time in his life. His health in the near future is pretty much alright.

And on Norman 's blog,  indeed the man himself will continue to have a subtle but firm influence in the local pageant scene.  His blog is a powerful rallying point of local pageant fans, clearly informing them of how things are in the grapevine of the beauty pageant scene.  With the recent happenings in the pageant scene, it is also a powerful catalyst of change if anything going on in the local pageant affairs needs to be addressed. Indeed, with the recent decision of the BPCI people to finally consider the dresses  made by Filipino fashion designers after several long years, no doubt Norman's blog exerted a subtle but powerful influence upon this.

Norman himself will continously inform, educate, and help foster appreciation for all things related to beauty pageantry, both local and international, to all people, and will have fun and feel fulfilled doing so.

Reading Date:  January 25, February 1, 2015