Sunday, February 15, 2015

John Lloyd Cruz & Angelica Panganiban

by: Psychic August

This is another Philippine show business couple that is in danger of breaking up if they allow themselves to gradually and imperceptibly drift apart due to too much time in their careers and not enough time to balance it with ample time for each other.  Also, pressure from the differing opinions of friends and other people around them can also cause estrangement from each other if they let it.

The relationship itself will last a long time - several years - before the tendency to drift apart catches up with them.  And so they have a lot of time to work on their relationship to prevent this from happening.

Their careers will still positively progress within the next immediate years.

John Lloyd will even be more successful, starring in several upcoming movies that will become big hits,  making him even more famous as a matinee idol.  Angelica Panganiban will also gain more fame, as she gets to be paired in a new love team which will be enthusiastically liked by the Filipino public.

But both must not get too engrossed in all this at the expense of their relationship. Both must  still have ample time to connect with each other so as not to drift apart.  Or else this relationship that started so beautifully will end after several years with both getting caught up in the trap that usually catches showbiz couples who let fame get in too much in their heads at the expense of personal romantic relationships.

Reading Date:  February 15, 2015
Photo: John Lloyd Angelica Panganiban FB