Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sarah Geronimo & Matteo Guidicelli

My prediction -- this relationship is not very stable yet.

There are a lot of hidden problems between them. Because they are public figures, a lot of issues and unhappy feelings are hidden knowledge.  Matteo is very busy with his own work; he knows there are so many issues that have not been resolved between him and Sarah, but really he does not have much time to deal with the problems right now.

Sarah knows the imbalance in the give-and-take situation, so she is quite emotional with him.  Sometimes she forgets who she is, and this is causing loss of direction. When they are dating, they are not communicating their inner feelings.  Sometimes there is a feeling to move on, but lacking courage to do so.  She just flows along; anytime this relationship will come to an end.  The attraction to Matteo is there, but does not tell Matteo her true feeling. This relationship is really not stable unknown to the public.

 It was impulsive passion that brought them together in the beginning. Now, all the problems are erupting.  Right now it has a lot of conflict, frustration and dispute.  There is the feeling of being tired with the relationship.  There is a feeling of dissatisfaction, but  unwillingness to give up on the relationship easily.

The cards show a lack of openness between both sides.  Things get also very emotional with small arguments, both feeling disappointed with this relationship.  I fear that if they don't step back and see their situation, this relationship would not last!   I fear that only an unplanned pregnancy can make this couple stay together, otherwise, the relationship seems to bring more pain than happiness.

They should be more honest and trusting to each other, and spend more private time together to enable them to assess whether they are the Mr. and Ms. Right for one another.

Reading Date:  January 6, 2015