Saturday, January 17, 2015

Senator Grace Poe @ 2016 Presidential Election

Senator Grace Poe will eventually occupy a higher position than her current role in the legislative branch of the Philippine government.  However, this is not happening in 2016, as she herself has often voiced out.

She will continue as a senator into the next administration, still doing a good job in office that will still endear her all the more to the Filipino people.

In 2022 she will become a vice president of the Philippines, along with a new male president of the Republic. And several years from that time she will become a president of the Republic of the Philippines.

Reading Date: January 17, 2015

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  1. Jejomar B. RoxasMay 12, 2015 at 3:03 AM

    No final plans yet for 2016 – Poe

  2. Aquino: Poe can really continue what I’ve started

    Poe, however, has said she has yet to decide whether to run for higher office.

  3. Jejomar B. RoxasMay 17, 2015 at 1:51 AM

    Why Erap won't support Grace Poe

  4. Pakana lang ni pnoy si Grace para pag usapan ang LP

  5. My name sis Grace Poe to Binay: Honesty over experience

    Senator Grace Poe also says she is 'more comfortable' with Senator Escudero than Secretary Roxas, but adds any decision for 2016 will depend on the LP's invitation

  6. VP Binay camp to Poe: Remind colleagues to respect people’s dignity

  7. Pres Saint Jojo The B : )June 1, 2015 at 1:31 PM

    Grace Poe signs Koko report; VP dismayed, denies allegations went unanswered

  8. Wow mukhang 2022 nga siya tatakbo dahil DQ siya sa 2016 dahil sa 10-year residency requirement. Sana si Duterte ang suportahan ni SGP sa 2016. Hindi na pwede ang malamyang pamamalakad. Anong petsa na noh?! Lol

  9. 10-year residency requirement disqualifies Grace Poe in 2016 —UNA

    More from:

  10. Jejomar B. RoxasJune 4, 2015 at 12:51 AM

    The crux of the issue now is when did Senator Poe become a US citizen? When did she become a dual citizen? And when did she renounce her US citizenship?
    These dates are important since it would now be material in operationalizing when she started having the intention to return for the doctrine of animus revertendi to apply.
    Naturally, when she became US citizen it is implied that she did not have the intention to return at the time, for it is but reasonable to assume that one who pledges allegiance to another country and renounces citizenship in another country has no longer animus revertendi on the latter. Besides, the court has already ruled that one can only have one domicile.
    It is only when she became dual citizen when she reacquired her Filipino citizen even as she kept her US citizenship that she can reasonably argue at the minimum that she had the intention to return. The issue now is when was this. And is this enough to comply with the 10 year requirement of the Constitution.

    Antonio P. Contreras

    Political Analyst

  11. Jejomar B. RoxasJune 4, 2015 at 11:48 AM


    I like you, Sen. Grace Poe. I really do. And the more that you are being hit by your detractor and his ill-tempered cohorts, the more that i hate THEM. But...

    You DID state UNDER OATH that your residency in the Philippines as of May 13,2013 was 6 years, 6 months. I as a lawyer will hold you to that oath. You KNEW or OUGHT TO HAVE KNOWN the implications of that declaration. That you are now trying to wiggle your way out of that declaration under oath somehow tarnishes you in my eyes because THE LEAST that I expect from you is HONESTY. Are you singing a different tune now because you are becoming a traditional politician who we should detest? Please dont get drunk with a lust for power. Please do not listen to those who say that you are popular because they have their own agendas.

    There is a reason why the Constitution requires a 10-year residency for a presidential candidate --- at the least, it is to guarantee that a candidate knows what ills this country, and has a love for it enough to desire to be a catalyst for change. If you really placed "6 years, 6 months" as of May 13,2013, please show a love for your chosen (?) country by conceding that point and FOLLOW and OBEY this country's laws. Otherwise, we cannot expect that you would follow those same laws IF you become president.

    Wishing that our Lord will grant you the wisdom to do what is good for our country.

    Atty. Raymond Fortun

  12. "...So for Poe, the crucial question is this: When did she renounce her dual citizenship? This is an issue of fact. I have heard her say that she renounced it when she assumed the post of MTRCB chair. If so, the point of reckoning should be 2010. Assuming she did so in 2010, she would have only 6 years of residency by 2016. Apparently, this is worse than what she declared in her certificate of candidacy for the post of senator.

    Any which way, the Supreme Court can now rule on whether estoppel can be applied to the issue of residency. If so, Poe will be disqualified. I hope otherwise because I believe the Filipino electorate is entitled to as many choices possible for the position of Chief Executive..."

    Atty Harry Roque, jr.

  13. Billionaire BandJune 6, 2015 at 1:22 PM

    ...'The source, who could be considered an oldie in the movie industry, claimed Grace Poe was born in Hawaii and not in Iloilo, allegedly the child of Ms. Roces’ sister, Rosemarie Sonora out of her reported relationship with former President Ferdinand Marcos.
    “It was before the time FPJ and Susan announced they are adopting Grace that the scandal between Marcos and Rosemarie broke out,” the source recalled.
    “A few months later, FPJ and Susan adopted her,” the source added.
    “And that is the reason that despite the announcements made by the church in Iloilo to locate her mother no one showed up is because Grace was not born there. She was born in Hawaii,” the source averred...'

    Another one on Grace’s citizenship issue

  14. I heard this stories long ago, thats why grace poe has big resemblance with rose Marie Sonora!

  15. Billionaire BandJune 8, 2015 at 11:41 AM

    Grace Poe not qualified to run for higher office - atty Raymond Fortun

  16. Billionaire Band ft.cincucincoJune 19, 2015 at 3:21 AM

    Poe: “A candidacy that will never fly?”

  17. of course, Harry Roque is with he will say anything against Poe or anybody that would compromise the candidacy of his benefactor.

  18. Dear Atty. Fortun,

    You are with Binay so of course you will do anything to stop Ms. Poe from becoming a candidate. Your camp is just afraid of Ms. Poe that is why you are doing everything to destroy her.
    If Indeed you also your country, then why are you defending clients who have robbed our country poor? Your pockets are full defending these corrupt plunderers while your country's coffers are empty.

    Shame on you, Atty. Fortun!

  19. Kamusta na ang committee mo sa mamasapano? Ano na nangyari sa 20 senador na lumagda Para panagutin si pnoy?

  20. LP blackmailing Poe with citizenship case— report

  21. Grace Poe just entered our political imaginations in 2010 when she became MTRCB Chair. Then in 3 years, she topped the Senatorial race just capitaliIng on the image of her dead adoptive father who is not even a hero in real life but only in the minds of movie goers.
    And now she is a Presidential front runner.
    But who is really Grace Poe? Do we know her well enough? Have we weighed her well enough to know if she deserves the idolatry?

    Where's the Beef?

  22. Here is a relevant jurisprudence on the issue. The facts of the case may be different but a deduction from the logic of the basis of the decision does not bode well for Senator Poe.
    Here are the facts:
    An elected local government official was disqualified because he used his US passport even after he renounced his US citizenship. The argument of the court is that for election purposes the use of a foreign passport negates the US renunciation and is evident that the person is still a US citizen, notwithstanding the fact that he is already having dual citizenship as also a Filipino.
    While the issue of Grace Poe is different since she used her US passport prior to her renunciation of her US citizenship in 2012 and her assumption of being MTRCB post in 2010 (which is technically a violation of the law since she has yet to renounce her US citizenship), the logic of the decision may be damaging to her.
    What I understand is that the continuous use of a foreign passport is damaging to the claim of being solely Filipino for election purposes. So, if fhat is the case, the issue is if this would also have some effects on the claim of residency and domicility. If for the SC the use of a US passport had the serious effect of leading to the disqualification of an elected official, then perhaps the period Grace Poe used her US passport (until 2009) would by implication be also a period where she would have been disqualified too. And if that is so, isn't it also logical to conclude that such period could not be counted towards her residency.
    Besides, as noted in the attached article by legal experts, the use of a US passport is a clear indication that Grace Poe still considers the US as her domicile. And it is a widely held principle that a person can only have but one domicile at a time.

    Prof. Antonio P. Contreras, political analyst

    Grace Poe’s use of US passport until 2010 renders kink in residency claim

    Read more:

  23. Billionaire_BandJuly 22, 2015 at 7:01 PM

    ‘Poe to run for President’

    Read more:
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