Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Blog Reader's Story @ Pope Francis Security Threat

While I have not encountered any news about the security situation during the Pope's visit, this commentary from one blog reader caught my attention this morning.  

Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing!  Whatever the source is, it reminds us to be vigilant at all times.


  1. Yes, it was discussed in local radio dzrh this early morning. Archbishop Oscar Cruz was interviewed live & he confirmed that it was true there was really a plot against the pope. It's also in the local dailies too, like the Philippine star. Maybe i think that was one of the reasons why the pope would break protocol and make unexpected visits. He may have also been confusing his pursuers as to his intinerary.

  2. Its all here ' pope sees shadows, dangers'

  3. Palace confirms getting info on kill plot vs. Pope