Friday, December 19, 2014

Megan Young and Rolene Strauss

by: Psychic August

As per arrangement with the Miss World Organization, Miss Megan Young will still lead an active role after her reign.  She will still be very busy in charity programs, fund raising drives, etc., often working with her successor, Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss. They will be doing this all over the world.

I see the revival of Megan 's showbiz career, in between her humanitarian works.  She will be paired with an up and coming matinee idol, and they will be a new showbiz love team.

As a result of her very high success status now,  Megan will continue to attract a lot of suitors.  But it would be better for her not to enter any formal romantic relationship in the next few years, as she is meant to continue doing her international good works mostly during this time.  Her heart may get broken abruptly if she enters a romantic relationship in the near future.

Eventually, Megan will settle down into a very happy marriage, but this is still several years into the future.

As for new Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss, I don't see anything extra ordinary, aside from her hectic schedule associated with her reign. She will pretty much, often alongside her predecessor, Miss World 2013, Megan Young, be working on many fund raising activities.  She will be able to help amass large amounts of money for various charitable causes by her mere presence.  She will meet several world leaders, eliciting a lot of pledges from them for various good causes that will mostly come to pass, benefitting a lot of people.

Being Miss World 2014, some aspects of her personal life, like romance, will be put on hold, as she will focus most of her time to public service for at least a year.

This new Miss World will also shine on the world's stage,  being as active as her predecessor, and is thus a fitting successor to Miss World 2013,  Megan Young of The Philippines.

Reading Date: December 15, 2014
Photo: Miss World FB