Saturday, December 6, 2014

Filipino Royal Couple: Dingdong and Marian

by: Psychic August

The  much anticipated wedding of Philippine showbiz royal couple Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera will be one happy successful star-studded event, featuring the crème de la crème of local showbiz,  politics, business sector, and high society.  The network war will cease for a day, borders will be crossed as all the friends of the couple from various networks will grace the event.  Political divide will be bridged as politicians from opposing sides will come together to honor the nuptial event with their presence.

After the wedding,  the new showbiz royal couple will go on a several week honeymoon visiting several foreign locales, namely in Europe, before going back to their respective showbiz careers.

Marian Rivera's fame will continue to soar, with projects coming one after another both in television and big screen, plus the expected dozens of endorsements that follow.  She will outpace her husband's career, especially in television, although Dingdong's star will still shine in Philippine movies.

This is one of the things that this couple should be careful about - that a sort of rivalry would happen between them, as one wants to be in the limelight as much as the other.

Also, too much involvement with each one's showbiz careers and other pursuits will give them less quality time to spend together, giving rise to the tendency to slowly drift apart.

Shortly after the wedding, Dingdong will begin a more formal preoccupation with politics.

He will also transfer to a rival network in a few years.

It will be some years after the wedding that this couple will be blessed with children.

After what is said here as to how this couple will live "their" lives after the wedding - only time will tell.

Reading Date: December 5, 2014
Photo: Stariraymagazine, Various Sources