Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bangs Garcia and Phil Younghusband

by: Psychic 2Light

When Bangs Garcia stated that she was exclusively dating Phil Younghusband, her heart is in this relationship.  She longs for a real relationship, one in which her celebrity comes second and her soulmate first.  She has bolstered up against the odds, breaking free of the restrictions and limitations that had prevented their relationship growth.

Bangs Garcia is ready to be with her soulmate, but the shadow of her celebrity makes even dating difficult. She and Phil Younghusband have worked through insecurities and uncertainty, although their relationship is still budding it has been difficult for both of them.  The routine and not so glamorous side of celebrity has taken its toll on both of them.  They can succeed in the relationship but the road ahead is a difficult one at best.  It feels as though they are soulmates and share a lot of the same values and opinions yet at times feel at odds with one another because of their career demands.

Their union at this time is tenuous and strained.  They are struggling to hold their relationship together and are working hard to blend their lives, while their careers pull and tug at them from all angles.  They cannot slouch.  What I sense is a confusion surrounding them, as if they want to be together but the hurdles in front of them are too high and the road pitted with difficult decisions.  They will succeed, only if they work together as a couple.

Right now, what I sense is that they're trying to work in tandem, learning more about one another as each day passes.  The romance is returning along with a strong, positive energy.  The hurdle they must surpass fame and fortune, while the vanity of celebrity threatens to undermine their relationship.  They must look past those who are envious of their relationship.  They must listen to what their hearts speak, and know that what binds them together is Light and Love and the purity of truth, which transcends celebrity.

Reading date: December 12, 2014
Photo: Manila Bullletin