Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Fearless Predictions: Psychic Christy

by: Psychic Christy

As far as the presidential elections, Spirit is very clear on the face that there will be some deception going on.  They advice voters to really think before they vote and get the facts first.  There will be a lot of promises made that they are unable to keep.  The one that may win is the most outspoken.

There will be most typhoon in 2015 which will bring frustrations, however, it will only bring the Philippines hope as they are already on top of the situation.  It will bring people closer together which is what is needed for 2015.

The people of the Philippines will find the truth that affects the balance of their elections and will choose the right candidate.  This will bring a lot of celebrations, happiness and new beginnings.

Many people have been soul searching for a long time now.  They have made many decisions lately that have brought peace of mind.  This has to do with the politics.  The people need to know that people in office are actually trying to make things easier on them even if it does not seem so at this moment.

As far as the political uprising, unrest or terrorism that the moment there are too many factors around this.  So it is undecided what will happen.  There will be money improvements and there will be an ending quickly to most of the turmoil.  There is a lot of happiness coming to the people.  They are getting stronger in themselves and 2015 brings a lot of celebrations and happenings.  There will be many surprises for the pageants and the economy for 2015.  There will be a speedy finish to the chaos with the economy.  There will also be a lot of friendships.  People will stop judging each other and start to form friendships where once there were non.  2015 will come with some hardships but the year will bring Peace of mind to the public, Victory over a situation that will provide a balance that was once not there.  It will also bring security and a helping hand to the ones who need it the most.  Year 2015 is a message of hope and happiness.

Reading Date: December 12, 2014