Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Predictions: Psychic Zeus

It gives me great pleasure to read for the beloved blog readers!

Philippines is now a close country to heart and anything I could do to help gives me great pleasure and satisfaction!

2015, I can't hide, will be a tough one to get through, not just for the Philippines if I may add.  I feel 2015 is going to test the Filipinos to the limits as per usual. No rest for the wicked as they say!

Philippines, is known, for calamities and disasters, well, not this year!  Nothing out of the norm, yes we will have typhoons and earthquakes but nothing out of the ordinary.  No major disasters as most will be planned and accommodated for in advance.

I am concerned about the POLITICAL picture around the young vibrant minds of the younger generation of Filipinos.  They see their country robbed and stolen everyday helpless to intervene through the bureaucracy and bad management of the land's resources.  They will react, this is my fear!  It is, on the path of collision with the elders in charge of the country!

The customs are killing them, the traditions are suffocating them and the restrictions are frustrating them.  I feel 2015 will be a testing time for all the student movement all over the country

Some racial and religious tensions are brewing too, with poverty, everyone pays the bill and that is true in death too!

Anyways, I wanted to get the gloom and doom out first for you to see the challenges ahead and get ready for a year of work and counter measures.  I am a straight forward guy to the those who know me, I hate masking anything, so I say it how it is!

Philippines, like many other countries, could be one of the richest in the world.  One the most developed in the world, the list of attribute goes on.  But, and it's a big but!

The Filipinos, due to the huge diversity on the land, find it difficult to identify themselves in one way or another.  It's like a child who wants all toys, especially those in other kids hands.  We all do it, I know, but, your country, if looked after the right way, will have more than enough top give away to all of you and more important, throughout all generations!

I feel, 2015, will be very crucial for lots of the treaties concerning the environment.  I know many locals don't pay attention to this topic due to this crippling poverty they live in.  But,and trust me on this, if you manage to sort out the environment challenges ahead, Philippines, will be one of the biggest exporters of BIO FRIENDLY BUSINESS.

I feel, most of the attention, should be given to those type of alternative investments, as it is crucial to save the country financially while sustaining a beautiful environment capable to absorb further TOURISTIC investment too!

Jobs, will be created, and families fed!

This was a brain wave i started the reading with, now, let's break the year in four sectors: 3 months each!

First Quarter

Financial results and gains from previous deals and contracts.  With financial gain comes corruption, so expect some scoops during this period!

A new beginning and a new treaty to make things better after the turmoil of the previous month.

Second Quarter

Again, corruption and abuses are the core reason for further unrest, legal and political opponents are not respecting the rules of the game and causing fall outs between supporters for example will be a repetitive scene in 2015.

Decisions will be urgently taken to smooth things over, unions will play their roles too!

The country will be embarking on a journey to better conditions for all, that is the speech at least, but will have a change of heart due to international pressure,  Philippines, always tied to the wrong lobbies, YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYBODY, so DO IT YOUR WAY!

I urge you to consider this painful road, as it is the only way, your grand children will survive with all the dignity they deserve!

Third Quarter

Nature flex its muscles again, not out of hate, but out of nature's balance and cycles!

Emotions will ran high, in remembrance of previous calamities, but, soon this disappear to release the strong will power that Philippines always showed us!

Final Quarter

Again, financially, the country will be challenged to make changes and reforms as the natives are knocking on doors and asking questions!

A state of deep questioning will be the highlight of end 2015, where do we go from here is the question that would remain at the end!

2016, I feel will be a decisive year, but, for now, I urge you, dear Philippine to remain strong and resist the attempts to derail you from your path!

My biggest cry for help is for the nature and resources Philippines seems to turn the blind eye on!

Alternative business projects is the way forward for such and immensely beautiful country.  Shame to see it go with no return if the abuses still go on!

I hope this reading will find everyone well and happy for the upcoming year!

Love and Light,

Reading Date: December 11. 2014