Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yvethe Marie Santiago @ Miss Supranational 2014

Spirit is not happy with what has happened with this one. Yvethe Marie has been through many walls getting to where she is now.  She only has to take this leap of faith and share her world with others.

Spirit says that she needs to see beyond the clouds that block her from being a better person.  She must see that all that glitters is not gold.  That she is very restless and must learn to relax before it makes her sick.  She can do this by reflecting back on her childhood memories to help relax.  If she holds these memories close to her heart while she is preparing for this pageant, it will will help her to stop appearing to be cold and lonely. When she shares her message of her past and the journey that brought her to the pageant she will have a much better of a chance of winning.  She will steal the hearts of the audience and it will shine through to not only be beautiful outside but inside as well.

Spirit says that in order to pull off a victory in this pageant, she must share a message of her journey, memories and childhood with everyone.  Pull strength from her past and have a willingness to give a helping hand.  There are more people out there going through her same troubles that are making her restless.  She has the ability to pull off a win at this pageant if she does not hold back.  Spirit says that she has come a very long way but still needs some improvements. They will help her as long as she will listen.

In the end, Spirit is there to give her a helping hand.  If she takes this warning to heart she will win.  However, spirit also warns that if she becomes smug at any point and belittles anyone, Spirit will help someone else to win. The energy to win is in her hands. The journey to success must be shared, through helping hands people build security.

I see something weird here.  When i asked about the results, I see a man in his mid 30's who is very much involved in the results.  Look maybe he is a judge or something to that sort, but he is very important in the contest.  Going back to her, there also shows something like a romance, but it can also be a huge friendship that will appear and start here - which can provide her a lot of opportunities in the future.  

The reading clearly shows the ability to vanish all the obstacles in life or in this case, the Miss Supranational contest.  Now, I have to admit that when I saw the other participants, I felt competition is very complicated for her -- she's surrounded by beautiful women with much experience and training than her.  However, things seem to be good for her, and she exhibits a high probability to finish in good place.

What will make her soon is a woman who is well-recognized.  She's being smart and securing of her career. I see here as a big woman with huge responsibilities in the distant future if she continues with the alliances and friendships she's already making.  Actually, i see her leaving the Philippines and pursuing a life full of variety.

Miss Philippines has a lot of negative energy around her. She is going through a setback of some kind right now. Currently, she has lost hope in herself, in her standing and in whether or not she will take the crown. She has fears of losing but mostly what she fears is that she will lose to one of her main contenders, a rival. 

Right now, she is working through her fears and insecurities, trying to surmount them. Miss Philippines is working through her setbacks with diligence and perseverance, but the obstacles are difficult ones. She has slighted someone or focused too much on one thing, which has clouded her judgement and thus one of her benefactors or supporters has pulled away. As for the near future, she will make modest progress but her energy is down, causing her to feel tired and ineffectual.  Miss Philippines will win, as long as she works hard to overcome her insecurities and to amend the situation with her benefactor.  

She has youthful idealism, and this tells me that she has a new journey, a positive one. There are also abundance and success. What my intuition tells me is that she will win but it will be a hard journey, one that will take its toll on her energy.

Photo: Facebook Yvethe Marie Santiago, Bb. Pilipinas