Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Younghusband Brothers

Phil and James Younghusband will continue to shine as the Philippine Azkals' premier striker and right midfielder, contributing much to the team's overall performance especially in the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup this November and onwards throughout next year.

Phil will continue to be primarily focused on his football career and his family.  This means, no formal relationship yet for him next year. He would be dating some women occasionally, but all of this will be kept low key.

James' relationship with his fashion designer girlfriend will continue on through next year, proving to be enduring, although the main focus of his time would be his football career. Both have the tendency to end up with each other, but that is still several years from now.

Both will still not formally enter show business, confining any showbiz stints to occasional appearances, endorsements, and bit projects. The Younghusband bros will remain committed to their football careers.

Photo: Philnews