Friday, November 21, 2014

Yolanda Rehabilitation (Typhoon Haiyan)

by: Psychic Zeus

Like I said before, the huge amount of devastation is clear for all to see, even more in the Philippines!

Sadly, the obvious corrupted politicians and big firms fighting to secure the lucrative contracts for rebuilding the areas affected is the reason why the start and the visibility of these projects is near enough zero, even after more than a year now!

I feel the frustration of all involved surfacing, even the charities that sent money towards rebuilding the country are now asking questions and not having any answers.  I feel that the governmentt has lost a lot of faith from the natives and the humanitarians around the world.

Yes, there was many interference by foreign powers to secure the contracts for their fellow citizen's companies, but all in all the role of the government has been poor.

Finally, the world has spoken about this but sadly from the wrong angle.

"The Pope is coming, we better do something before he sees the massacre!" That is the latest attitude the government  is having, which is shameful!

The Pope, did, request from many to help out on this, so yes, his influence was felt by the concerned parties in the Philippines, but, the prayers of many around the world, did not go unnoticed!

The rebuilding of the areas affected by this disaster will be done, that is for sure, but the time set up by the local government is ambitious to say the least.

I am sorry to announce that delays are inevitable as the Pope will not be staying for ever there, so slacking will resume, not cause of an ill will this time but because of the huge amount of work needed with the heavy machinery not reaching the core of the disaster in due times!

This will be very risky for the government and the tensions are running high and a revolt can occur within the next year or two at the most.  People are fed up and rightly so, but, for the sake of the country I feel many will intervene and mediate between the government and protesters.

The 4 year scheme the government has pledged, is unrealistic and built on dreams. They know it and that is why their faces turn red at the first question about time frame.
They cannot, with the best efforts possible, claim they can achieve the reconstruction in those 4 years especially after taking more than a year just deciding on what to do next, passing laws and agreeing to budgets. The government, will be held responsible, that is for sure, but, for the sake of this land, they need to push but keep faith that things will get done, if not anarchy and disorder will reign on the land!

The natives should understand that violence and resent will not solve their issues. Working together is the only option.

The biggest road block in front of the reconstruction process is the international involvement with some government officials, they are corrupt to the core and feel that no one can touch them.  This in turn, will create further hatred and in some cases assassinations of some of these corrupt figures.

Philippines is a rich country full of energy and vibrant society, they need to stand together in the face of such evil forces within the government.  Watching out for the best interest of the country is the only policy to ever see and witness a true recovery and rehabilitation of the nation. Without it, I fear, the country will always be doomed.  Philippines, should be way above the rating she is in, she is a land full of promises that had never been fulfilled, which is a great shame!

I sense, I can almost taste it, the land will change for ever after this trial: Who will win will be determined in the next couple of years. Will it be a continuation of the abuses and corruption or will it be the land of the freedom and justice?

I am not going to hide this, Philippines like many others, will be facing the call of duty very soon, a drama will unfold and things will be tipped forever towards the natives; the average Joe (Juan) will have its say in everything

I am certain, the Philippines will see a full recovery within the next 6 years not before!

I, again wish nothing but the best for all involved in this life drama.