Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Glimpse of Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan)

by: Psychic Zeus

I thank you for the trust and the opportunity to have an insight on this catastrophic but powerful encounter with Yolanda, the biggest cyclone ever recorded.  It is a sad event but full of lessons and wisdom!

As I am a great believer in superpowers and divine interventions, I had another confirmation that we, as humans are nothing compare to nature and the world we live in, so, respect and humbleness is the only way forward.  I saw intense scenes and visions of the catastrophic event that hit the Philippines and other countries int he area.  I was amazed and astonished to how much suffering and pain thousands went through!

A deep faith in God and it's might was very apparent on all those faces I saw. Furthermore, I saw sacrifice and devotion to help others in need at their own peril sometimes. I saw men and women, locals and foreigners jumping in raging waters to save others in distress. I saw tourists, locals and even animals trapped, screaming for help, no one near to hear them with all this noise. Some scenes are too horrific for me to talk about!

When first asked by Fearless Predictions Real Psychics, to do this, I was very scared; and I was right to be!  What I saw was total devastation, total annihilation of entire towns and villages; islands even! People trapped under water and rubble, mother screaming for their kids and fathers for their families. Many scenes really, will haunt me for ever, but, i saw glimpses of humanity and unity that made me realize, that this request came to me for a reason, to see it and to feel it!

I need to help in this as much as I can, so if there is anyone with lost family members you know of,
please send them over for a reading!  Other than that, all I can say to those still looking for their loved ones, lost in this disaster, please keep looking!

Some needs finding, some needs true burials but mostly there is some cases of young children lost and found by others, these kids did suffer from memory loss, and those who found them justified keeping them by their loss of their loved ones too! It isn't malicious, a little selfish that is all, but someone has to see what i saw to understand why they did what they did.

I have scene true champions stories, true fighters and true survivors too. Those who made it to tell their story, found themselves in a situation where bragging can be seen as inappropriate, but, still, we have to salute them, they did a marvelous job by keeping their faith in fate and not cursing their luck as they say.

All religions were united in facing, praying and fighting to save others in this event, i saw total accord between tribes and social divides in this disaster.

Some blame the Government in dealing with this, but, no one can forget that even the USA with Katrina, struggled to save the day.  Nature can not be fought against, that is why we have to respect it, and, I think the biggest thing the native should do is to fight the pollution and global warming to save their nature and by consequence their land.

It is ridiculous to let you beautiful nature be ruined by greed and industrial expansions! You need to stand up to this wave of capitalism and try to set you nature free of any pollution and abuse!

I know that progress is necessary but never on the expense of nature.  I feel the Philippines and many others should opt for the green approach which will guaranty a certain level of cohabitation between humans and the beautiful landscape we all have there. It will be a great loss to keep on abusing the nature that surrounds us in the name of progress or money!  Our ancestors never needed that much money to survive so why do we now?!!!!!

Fight it, or i am sorry to say, much more of this is to come, everywhere in the world!

Again, I do humbly thank my dear friend who is behind Fearless Predictions Real Psychics for giving me the opportunity to reach out to all involved.

I wish to express my sincere and deep sorrow for all those who perished, their families and loved ones. My condolences extend to all those who saw or witnessed some of what I saw in my visions of this disaster. I am deeply touched by what I saw: death was a major part of it, but, also, a magnificent resilience and unity among those hit by this.

Photo: various sources