Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Philippine Azkals @ 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup

by:  Psychic Chango Psychic August 

Psychic Chango

For the Azcals, this championship is a great opportunity to make alliances, maybe some of the players will have the opportunity to play for other teams who will want them.  In that championship, there is a team that represents a huge threat for them, they will have some issues to deal with like harms and injuries of the players, but they have a high probability to win or to be in the the top places of this match.

I'm catching a flag with moon and star and some red things. Well, i don't know who are coming to this tournament, but they are a much stronger team and can eliminate the Azcals if they are not careful. The key word here is to not underestimate them.  In their first match, they will  face a team that has similar strength and abilities, so it is not going to be easy. Only if they are smart that they can defeat them because the other team plays from speculation and not from acts. The strength of Azcals in this tournament has to be the offensive, but a smart offensive and offensive with tactics and brain.  

If their mentor is wise, they can win or at least be very close to winning  the AFF Suzuki Cup.  The cards clearly show the great possibilities to win, and the wisdom in tactic they have to present in this tournament. They have to be more from offensive than from defense. Then there is the alliance, they or some of them, can make there.  Finally, the cards show the big threat to be eliminated by this other team.

The Azkals Philippine Football team will face severe opposition during the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup this November.  Although they will hold their own, many times putting up a splendid performance, they will fail to secure a lead position at the conclusion of the Cup.

This trend of not securing any major winning, although giving all their best efforts, will follow the team through next year at international matches it would be competing in.  Next year, some new members will bolster its ranks.

The Azkals should really train harder, to be at par with the seasoned teams in the football world.  Diversity within its roster is a factor that should not be ignored.

Photo: 2014 AFF Isuzu Cup