Sunday, November 16, 2014

Psychic Christy

Having her gift in future telling has not always been easy, but it is something Psychic Christy was born with. From a very young age, she told friends and family if something was not right with spirits. She uses tarot to communicate information that spirits wishes to give. She reads the energy of her clients and asks spirits to answer questions through her tarot cards and sometimes with the pendulum.

"I ask my spirit guide 99% of the time when I use tarot cards. This way, I can make the reading more accurate without needing much information about my clients. My spirit guides are my ancestors - mostly, my grandmother who passed away about 11 years ago.", Psychic Christy explains.

I was amazed the first time I tried reading with Psychic Christy.  I threw her a general question, carefully worded that there was no way she would get  a hint as to what a potential answer be, and she turned around with a vibe that was so tailor fit to my unique circumstances at that time. And having worked with psychics for many years, I reckon, in my personal opinion, her predictions were not a "fit-all" general BS that any one, psychic or not, could conveniently draw from a hat.

So, there you are, guys - I'm sharing Psychic Christy with all of you.  If you wish to know more about her, including how to get in touch with her, just hit her profile.