Friday, November 14, 2014

Kris Aquino @ Politics and Romance

by: Psychic August

Kris will foray into politics and public service, becoming a mayor and even a governor of her home province.  I also see her running for a seat in the congress.

Regarding her love life, Kris needs to understand that she must, first, put others before herself if she were to be happy in a relationship.

Kris will finally (re) settle down, but it is still years from now before she meets her "soul-mate".  I see a non-biz, non-politician husband for her, probably a successful businessman.

Photo: various sources


  1. juicecolored kris humanap ka ng lalaking pwedeng magseryoso sa yo

  2. its about time that kris enters public service. but too bad im not from tarlac

  3. No to politics@2016