Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jamie Herrell @ Miss Earth 2014

So lets have a look, what the cards are showing for this gorgeous lady.

I will start with the Kipper-cards:

This lady will have a lot of success, because she is someone who is working very hard for her career and she is very disciplined.  There is another one who is a big competition for her and it seems, that Jamie will have a bit more luck than the other one, because the last card is showing that she will have big chances to win.

Now, lets see what  the Goddess-cards are showing: 

Wow - this drawing is fabulous! The cards are telling me that she must believe in herself, and she must have a good self-confidence to convince the jury, that she is the right person for this award, and she will do so!  She has the power and the energy for this.  What is very important as well, is the fact, that she has a lot of sex-appeal - and her appearance is "full of glory" - yes, she will be one of the winners.

She will have an equal chance with another lady to become Miss Earth,  although the reading is pointing more to the category "Miss Air".  Anyhow, she will  be one of the winners as I have pointed out earlier.

She will be successful in her future career, and she will have good opportunities as a model, where she will fare very well.

Spirit says that there has been a lot of frustration for the ladies for this pageant. It has not been an easy trip. Some of the contestants have had to travel a long way to get here. Some are also very new to this. They find peace of mind that so many people are looking for Miss Philippines to win. She is there to share a message and has had a lot of improvements along the way. Miss Philippines is gaining a lot of ground in this pageant because of the hard work that has gone into it.

Ms. Herrell will win a prize in this pageant, however, it will not be the top prize. If she wants to win the top there is more work to be done. She has a talent for what she does, but needs to focus on her message to share with the public to make herself be a top contender. Ms. Herrell will win the heart of fans, and in this they have done great. Keep up the good work.

Photo:  Miss Earth Philippines