Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola Virus - Philippines And The World

by: Psychic August

The dreaded virus will get itself into the country. However, it will be contained, case will be minimal, and I don't see an outbreak.

I have also seen that the Philippine goverment will not send a medical team to West Africa, instead it will just focus on preventive measures to keep the virus from entering the country.

Next year, finally, due to more concerted efforts by the international community in response to entreaties by US President Barack Obama and the United Nations, the spread of the ebola virus worldwide would be slowed down, although thousands will still die of the virus, but not in the millions as initially feared. Some drugs that would slow down the virus ( but not yet really curing it) would be officially used.

A highly publicized patient will lose the battle, and another one in the news in recent days will survive.

Everyone is encouraged to learn about Ebola,
its prevention, transmission, and symptoms
Makakapasok ang Ebola sa bansa, bagamat maagapan ito kung kaya't kaunti lang ang maapektuhan at hindi kakalat sa publiko.

Nakita ko rin na hindi magpapadala ang gobyerno ng medical team sa Africa. Ito ay magpo focus na lang sa prevention sa pagpasok at pagkalat ng sakit na ito sa bansa.

Dahil sa effort ng Amerika at United Nations, mailalabas na ng official sa susunod na taon ang gamot para mapabagal ang epekto ng virus sa mga tinamaan ng Ebola. Libo-libo pa rin ang nakakalungkot na masasawi sa sakit subalit hindi naman million gaya ng naunang kinatatakutan.

Isang pasyente na nababalita sa buong mundo sa ngayon ang nakakalungkot na masasawi, subalit ang isa ring nasa balita nitong mga nakaraang araw ay malalagpasan ang sakit na ito.

Photo credit: Inquirer, CDC


  1. Ohh..but yes we should be cautious of the virus!

  2. many thanks for the amazing essay , i realy gained alot of info. that i was searching for


  3. many thanks for the amazing essay , i realy gained alot of info. that i was searching for


  5. Hollow tree ground zero of Ebola!

  6. Baka po MERS COV, hindi po Ebola, ang makarating dito sa Pilipinas, kasi po nakapasok na po, brought in by a Filipina Nurse in Saudi.

    "Yes its true na dito sa Pacita unang inadmit yung MERS-COV patient na nasa RITM ngayon. But MOST OF US NEVER HAD A CLOSE CONTACT with the patient. So what's there to be scared about?

    This text message tells us a few things.

    **MERS COV is Middle East Respiratory Corona Virus. Nagsimula sya ng transmission from CAMELS sa Middle East. Its like a common cold with flu-like symptoms. No vaccine is currently available

    **A MIND IS LIKE AN UMBRELLA, IT NEVER WORKS IF IT IS CLOSED. Mga kababayan. WE NEVER HAD A CLOSE ENCOUNTER with the patient. What is there to panic about? We can make extra necessary precautions by limiting yung mga gala sa matataong lugar. We can take #5STARSupplements, yung effective talaga and mura ha.

    ** NEXT. Lahat ng naka-close encounter kay patient nasa RITM na lahat. Yung 225 passengers na nakasabay nya sa plane from Saudi. Yung mga nasa room nya nung inadmit sya. Pati yung driver ng ambulance. NO NEED TO PANIC.

    ** The hospital is closed until Feb 27. Nagcreate ng stir ang malisyosong text message na ito. Imagine natin yung mga nagwowork sa hospital na yun na wala namang close encounter. Wala silang maipapakain from Feb9 to Feb 27, just because of this circulating malicious text message.

    **Yun lang. Naka-facemask na karamihan ng nasa Pacita simula nung isang araw. As if naman nakadaupang palad nila yung pasyente."

  7. Paaralan at ospital sa San Pedro, Laguna, apektado ng MERS-CoV scare

  8. Pinay nurse galing Saudi Arabia, unang nag-positibo sa MERS-CoV sa Pilipinas

  9. Pleasure Dome ErectMarch 29, 2015 at 2:01 AM

    Apparently, Ebola is slowing down in its spread in Africa & worldwide, & ..."Some drugs that would slow down the virus ( but not yet really curing it) would be officially used"...

    Doctors say Anna Cross is the first patient in the world to have received a new special treatment for Ebola, the MIL 77

    UK nurse cured of Ebola after receiving new treatment

  10. Billionaire_Band.ft.Lucky.FrogJuly 11, 2015 at 12:00 AM

    MERS-CoV, not Ebola ang nakapasok sa Pinas, otherwise prediction seems to be correct

    Foreigner at RITM now clear of MERS-CoV

    The health department 'cannot totally commit' yet that the Philippines is already MERS-free since it is still monitoring the foreigner's contacts